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Bell Bay

WPC Team Leader

WPC Team Leader

Employment Type

Full Time

Duties & Skills

  • Ensuring site safety rules and Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to

  • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment

  • Meeting production targets according to the production plan

  • Reporting safety incidents, near misses and quality issues

  • Implementing standardised work processes to make high quality products that meet standards

  • Reducing machine downtime, rework and scrap

  • Communicating safety and quality alerts to the production team

  • Updating the Visual Management board at the start and end of shift

  • Conducting daily toolbox meetings with the production team

  • Keeping track of material level on the production floor

  • Ability to lead small teams

  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills

  • Able to perform under limited supervision

Want to know more?

Call Clint: 0490 034 964 or email including your resume:

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