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Good New Stories

Courtney engaged with the NEBHub at the Northern Midlands Community Expo. Courtney was a new Mum, had recently moved to the area and was looking for a job for 1-2 days per week. NEBHub work a lot within the hidden jobs market and were able to talk with Macquarie Oils to see if Courtney would be a fit for a blended role they had discussed. Courtney went out for a site visit and met with them and is now employed in a blended role of administration and general duties. Well done Courtney and also Macquarie Oils for the flexible approach with employment roles.

Dinusha initially met with the NEBHub at outreach at Evandale. Formally from Sri Lanka, she had been in Australia with her husband and child since 2017. Dinusha had Civil engineering qualifications and was wanting to get into the construction industry.

Aaron from Maintain Contracting spoke with the NEBHub in September 2023 requesting assistance in finding a civil engineer. Dinusha’s experience didn’t quite match Maintain Contractings requirements but they saw other qualities in her and thought that they could mould her to their needs.

Dinusha was offered the position in October and both parties are very pleased with the outcome.

Well done Dinusha and thank you to Maintain Contracting for being a flexible employer and offering an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Hari came to the NEBHub for assistance with employment at the end of 2022. Hari had been working in an outside environment and was not entirely sure what position he would suit but he knew he wanted something in a factory environment and without too much travel.

NEBHub assisted Hari with some applications for various roles including a manufacturing labourer position with Arva Connect.  Hari had not done this type of work before but NEBHub believed his transferable skills and his willingness to learn would make him a suitable candidate.

Hari successfully obtained employment and was supported by the NEBHub to utilise the Jobs Ready Fund to purchase work clothing he required for this role.

NEBHub has provided post placement support to Hari and he is really enjoying his role.

Mark first approached the NEBHub through social media via Facebook.

Mark applied for the Delivery Driver position at Hicksy Hardware in Georgetown.

Mark was required to obtain his forklift licence and Clint helped Mark through the process with the Searson Buck Job Ready Fund.

Mark is now working full-time and enjoying helping customers with the correct solutions in all areas of the business when they walk through the door.

A great result for both Mark and Hicksy Hardware with the NEBHub able to act as the connector, another great story.

Keah was a stay-at-home parent and had not worked for some time. Keah did not have her driver’s licence so the NEBHub team were able to conduct an outreach appointment with her at a local café.

Keah obtained employment at S’presso 101 and the NEBHub were able to assist her with an application to access the Job Ready Fund, which she was then able to purchase some suitable work clothing.

NEBHub assisted Keah with a funded position in a Barista course run by VXT to enable Keah to build on her skills and be more flexible within the workplace.

S’presso 101 have been able to work with Keah’s shifts to ensure she can still do the school run with her child.

Ruth first approached the NEBHub during an outreach session in Meander Valley. Ruth had heard on the tv that the hospitality industry was finding it hard to retain staff and she decided to upskill and do a barista course with VXT.

Ruth was retired but she was hoping to obtain a couple of shifts a week in a local business.  When talking with Tania from the NEBHub she felt she might be too old for employers to consider her to be a suitable candidate.

Tania approached 2 local businesses about Ruths suitability and both offered to give her an interview.  She was offered the role on the spot at the first interview and has been working 2 shifts a week for the past few months.

A great result for both Ruth and the employer with the NEBHub able to act as the connector in this great story

Kerry first met with the NEBHub team at the outreach session in the George Town Community Hub. Kerry told the NEBHUb she was “ Just a Mum” and felt she lacked the skills, confidence and experience to apply for positions.

The NEBHUb team assisted Kerry to edit her resume as she had a lot of transferable skills that she had spoken about but did not have listed including her involvement with the local football club and her administration work at the Neighbourhood House.

The NEBHub approached the George Town Council and discussed Kerry’s suitability, she then obtained an interview. Kerry was coached with some interview tips and techniques to support her through the interview and she successfully obtained a position in Administration.

The NEBHub assisted Kerry to access the Job Ready Fund supported by Searson Buck to obtain suitable work clothing, which Kerry was very grateful for.

Congratulations Kerry and a great example of how the NEBHub are able to offer a personalised service to support jobseekers.

'I'm glad I walked through their door, very glad"

When Jason first walked into the NEBHub office he was lacking confidence and couldn't see many options, however, the NEBHub team were able to understand him, show him compassion and give him hope.

Peter from NEBHub ensured Jason achieved his goal of obtaining meaningful employment whilst working with Progress Switch Boards addressing their workforce needs.

Congratulations Jason and thank you to Progress Switch Boards for providing a supportive workplace.

NEBHub's personalised and point of difference service matches Businesses with Jobseekers

Working with CPT Engineering to address workforce needs and Delanie from the Salvation Army Employment Plus in George Town, I was honoured to meet Troy and support his transition from unemployment in to meaningful employment.

When I first met Troy he was shy and just wanted to be given an opportunity, he said "I just want a purpose in life".

Congratulations Troy and thank you to CPT Engineering in George Town for providing a supportive workplace.

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