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Lead Harvest Supervisor

Lead Harvest Supervisor

Employment Type


Duties & Skills

Communication of operational plans to team members.

Supporting team members to achieve efficiency and quality in harvest.

Coaching team members to achieve production KPIs.

Ensuring adherence to work health and safety, fruit quality, and production


Producing and/or updating reports on the team’s performance and analysis of data

to determine effectiveness and efficiency.

Providing daily reports on crew, plant, and production numbers.

Train crew members on standard operating procedures and provide a level of

supervision and monitoring.

Provide prompt and courteous attention to complaints, requests, and enquiries

raised, reporting to senior management.

Ensuring team is following standard picking, planting, and other standard


Highly organised, Excellent communication skills.

Maintain enthusiasm, good attitude, honesty and a willingness to treat all co-workers with compassion and respect, despite challenging work conditions.

Excellent observational skills.

Hands on attitude

Ensure all team members operating safely and proactive reporting of safety incidents

and hazards to OHS Officer.

Innovation and problem-solving techniques.

Confidentiality is kept between employees and authorised persons.

Assisting Supervisors or others with any tasks that are, due to a rapid increase in

workload, emergency or struggling to complete.

Quality control – monitoring of quality control and reports.

Undertake duties as directed by the management

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