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Field Technician

Field Technician

Employment Type

Full Time


  • Operation of off-road vehicles and fitted mapping and sampling systems for the collection of data needed to generate Ag Logic’s soil and elevation maps

  • Installation and maintenance of equipment on farms, including soil moisture probes and telemetry systems

  • Assembling sensing systems in the workshop (including basic wiring and soldering work, and interfacing with the systems for programming purposes)

  • Maintaining project records, time and task tracking

  • Other duties, as required, particularly as Ag Logic grows


  • Strong verbal & written communication skills.

  • Computer skills.

  • Time management skills.

  • A current driver's licence

Your primary role will be operation of technology and machinery needed to gather mapping data from farms; and to assist with assembly, installation and maintenance of sensing and telemetry technology on farms.

Want to know more?

Call David: 0490 025 063 or email including your resume:

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