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Bell Bay

Abrasive Blasting / Labourer

Abrasive Blasting / Labourer

Employment Type


Duties & Skills

Abrasive blasting , involves using abrasive materials like sand, grit, or steel shot to clean, etch, or prepare the surface of a material.

This process removes contaminants, rust, old paint, and other impurities from the surface.

Operators use specialized equipment like blasting cabinets, handheld blasting guns, or larger blasting machines depending on the scale and type of work.

Environmentally friendly blasting media may be used to minimize environmental impact.

Training will be provided.


  • White Card (preferrable but not essential)

  • Working with Heights (preferrable but not essential)

Want to know more?

Call Clint: 0490 034 964 or email including your resume:

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